♡ Favourite Artist ♡

These powerful visions of otherworldly experience rendered out of thousands of individual lines and hatch marks draw the viewer’s attention almost instantly. I like the feeling of the overall carefully crafted image and the randomness of each individual line, which almost trace every tremble of the artist’s hand.


The use of any materials that came to hand: pencils, ballpoint pens, felt-tip markers, ink and scrap paper including the backs of pages torn from large-format calendars suggest that she considers her drawings not as an art but more like healing instruments. Inspired by her practice of Qigong, Guo drew her subjects and forms from cosmology, acupuncture energy maps, geomancy – all of which are marginalized in a rapidly-modernizing China.


I like how the artist decomposes complex physical systems into their component parts or focus on the location of particular acupuncture points. In her work she attempts to transmit information through geomancy and meditation into a more legible form of an image on its own – visualisation of qi /life energy/.

I like to think about the comparison between the time-consuming processes of making a single drawing and how it fits in the fast consumerist era we are living in nowadays.


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