Between Object and Architecture | TATE

Marvin Gaye ChetwynD         ‘Hermitos Children’

TV screens stack on top of each other draw the carnivalesque performance, where each decor has been hand painted and each actor’s outfit had been hand-made. Chetwynd has a background in anthropology as well as arts and thus her way of storytelling is in making very precise frames outlining almost every character in her art work. The video is composed by real sets and naturalistic performance and pictures very fantasy-like, chaotic atmosphere.

The difference in screen sizes and resolution gives the viewer with an option of seeing all the different possibilities of atmospheric translation which the artist makes. In that sense it interacts with the viewer in a non-dualistic manner.


15052074_10211198395498526_768167767_o  15065142_10211198395338522_99506584_o

15044738_10211198395378523_1784212303_o  15044798_10211198395538527_154119817_o



apichatpong weerasethakul              ‘Primitive’

Another screen installation which caught my eye was Weerasethaul Primitive, where he depicts historical and cultural moments from the Thai border town of Nabua. Multiple screens tell us the story of a communism suppressed by the army by both physical and psychological abuse and murder back in 1960’s till the early 1980’s.

15064028_10211198417579078_312786518_o  15044615_10211198415259020_361316851_o

There isn’t any narrative but the each video generates mysterious,  dream-like experience which take us to a particular place in time. The screens are scattered around the entire exhibition space and the audience is invited to approach each individual projection without any previously programmed sequence. The work arrangement is an equivalent to village itself as the viewer have the chance to wonder freely and sit down and watch each individual projection. In this sense the work can be described as a collective performance as it holds elements of moving drawing and the behaviour of the viewer is integrated into the work itself.


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