Es Vedra Immersion Therapy

Imagine a place which acts like an automaton – reacting accordingly to fulfill its inhabitants most exotic whims by changing from inside. Guiding the individual through constantly changing play of moving elements – light, sound, projections.
Similar to J. G. Ballard’s psychotropic houses this place will be simulated by the mind and executed by the means of digital augmentation, forming sequences of spaces in non-linear narrative. A place where post digital revolutionary individual would wonder from one leisure environment to another in search of new sensations.
This project aims to provoke the discussion of how our needs for digital escapism project into the realm of physical reality and manifest in our neophilia and addiction to consume images and experiences. The real world has become fictional and the reality right now is the responsibility of the imagination. Reality is envision as a stage set for projecting ourselves the way we want to and it’s purely an outcome of our minds and addiction to those dopamine rushes that are triggered by our social media feeds.
In reality escape simulator you customise the reality you want to see, chose the channels you want to watch and people you want to follow so you can completely immerse in the virtual reality and drift seamlessly from one event to another.


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