From Surrealism to Fashion Royalty – Erwin Blumenfeld

Erwin Blumenfeld’s art can be divided into two periods – his early Surrealist work and his commercial work for which he is known as the highest paid fashion photographer in the world.

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Psychological portraits was the way of uncovering the reality under the surface. There is a part of his photography (mainly self portraits) which marks a lifelong search to battle out the things he could not battle out in real life working for commercial clans. He was dealing with the complexity of his identity, identity question which people often shy away from.



In a 1948 issue of Commerce Camera, he wrote, “Photography is a means of creating images, and, as such, it need not confine itself to dull records of ham sandwiches, or vacuous girls with paint. Unfortunately, there is a mistaken feeling among some of those who decide what people shall see that nobody but a select few cares to view anything but dull records.”



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