In a Utopian Future, What Counts as Luxury?

Original source:

Sybaritic    |meaning: outrageously luxurious|    derives from an ancient Greek city Sybaris known for its inhabitants excessively piscine and indulgent feasts

Within the time words definition changes according to people’s habits and life flow and this article illustrates how the meaning of the word luxury changed. Peoples’ values change the price of an item and today what can be referred as a luxury is the new gadgets but hundreds of years ago this was a cup of black tea for example.

How this would change in a |?| few hundred years |?| from now? Will the word luxury lose its meaning?

The author’s point here is that in utopian futures, luxury becomes much more tangible and harder to define.

luxury having something that others cannot → shifting into an experience, not an item → exclusivity

Even if technology allows people to experience places remotely, what technology can’t simulate is a sense of realness and the thrill that comes from being in a certain geographical place – A. Palmer, historian

↬ In that sense time is tied to luxury in a way that as all strive to have more of it but there isn’t any time machine.



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