Light Distortion Exploration


Distortion – the pixels on the photographs have been time displaced, they’ve been mapped onto a gradient and the darker the region they are mapped to the further behind they lag.

Digital cameras suffer from lag distortion but it’s very subtle that is almost unnoticeable. That is what we call rolling shutter and it means that instead of snapping a full exposure at once the camera quickly scan strips of each frame. It’s usually undetectable but when the subject changes faster than the camera scans you get that wobbly shutter effect.

But that rolling shutter effect is not only a mere curiosity, it represents a fundamental distortion that affects everything we see. Some distortions can be said to be hallucinations but some distortions might be happened before our sense get in a way – optical phenomenon.

The lag between light reaching you from near and far points on the galaxy is nothing compare to how much time it takes matter in the galaxy to travel that same distance. Everything we look at is in some way distorted because by the fact that the speed of light is finite. The distance between your feet and eyes is approximately 5-6 light nanoseconds which means that you see your feet you are seeing where they were 5-6 nanoseconds ago. The optical phenomenon ensure appearances are always relative.




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