Light Flow Explorations

VR and Social Psychology

Social Psychology: In the ’60s, psychologist Stanley Milgram proved that our environment can have a powerful, unconscious influence on our behaviour. Studies show that we’re likely to become desensitized to the things we experience inside VR worlds. Desensitization means that we’re no longer affected by extreme acts and we fail to show empathy, compassion or emotion as a result.




Light flow eperiment 1

VR: Neuroscience view is that reality is something generated by the brain, as it tries to predict what’s causing all the sensations that are impinging on our senses. When this biological “virtual reality” gets embedded in a technological virtual reality, there may be complex and surprising consequences.

Light flow experiment 2

Cognitive Effects: I’m interested in exploring how design aesthetics relate to the pre-conscious innate aspects of the human cognitive system: perception. Perceptual Psychology for example deals with mental processes that we use in our everyday living like problem solving, decision making or memorising.


The language of this work is about the empowerment of the viewer – material light to work immediately on the perception. The focusing on the spectator’s experience under specific conditions and how his emotions can be filtrated by colour, movement by capturing dynamics of light flow.


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