The Infinite Mix

“Nightlife” | Cyprien Gaillard, 2015

3D film ‘Nightlife’ is film and audio installation, shot at night over a period of two years in three different locations – Cleveland, Los Angelis and Berlin. Similar to any other Gaillard’s work, here again he depicts ways in which traumatic events of recent history can be read in or have been memorised by urban landscapes, architecture and public spaces. Composed of two time-based mediums – film and music – ‘Nightlife’ has distinct sculptural qualities by its hallucinatory visions.


In this shot experimental documentary, the astronaut David Wolf narrates his experience from outer space. Looking at the planet Earth from a distance he shares his experience of zero gravity while on the screen we see visual collage of galactic imagery and shots from laboratory where astronaut are being trained. The film’s galactic scenes are achieved from a close-up to a simple materials like: milk, food-colouring, oil and water manipulated with an air compressor. The micro and the macro, the sublime and the ordinary are treated in the same way: ‘as all, essentially, material’.


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