What is modern?

This video is part of a group project where we explored what is modern nowadays. We thought it is very difficult to sum up what modern means for everyone so please note that we are not trying to define the term. With the emerging of the internet and free flow of information around us we are free to chose our interests and define ourselves as an individual. We think modern is the way technology invades our everyday life and how it develops into an invisible network of wireless devices which we communicate through.


It’s becoming very modern to be old school. I think nowadays vintage shops in general are even more expensive then some of the high-end shops. Even popular brands are looking for a precedence back in 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.


Wi-Fi is everywhere so why not make the most of it. We can observe that there are less and less cables in our life connecting our devices, USB sticks is replaced by cloud platforms and internet storage. Make sure your next headphones are up to the ‘modern’ standard and do not have a cable.


We are instantly available and that makes change in the way people work and communicate. Sharing when you are alone in a cafe, working even when you are not at work, talking through apps even if you are in the same room. It almost becomes obligation rather than a choice.


There’s nothing more heart warming than a virtual hug nowadays, right? Post selfie if you need an appreciation and a few likes to prove to yourself that you’re not as bad as you might feel right now. It’s almost more important than a real tap on a shoulder and a nice word from a real friend.


Textures, organic shapes, complex bio mimicry structures it is all possible with 3D printing. There’s a variety of choices for materials to print with such as: plastics, metals, ceramics, paper, bio-materials, food, various and specified concentrations of primary digital material.


That is probably one of the biggest debates in regards to the future of humanity. Are we going to be slowly replaced by computers at our work place and everyday home tasks. Then what are we supposed to do? More time for procrastination and consumption, or video games. One of the recent Black Mirror episodes endeavours to predict the future of video games, where the software is able to guess player’s moves and actions. Connected to player’s brain via biorobotic implant it is able to predict and analyse his behaviour and change accordingly.


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